7. Recombinant DNA and Genomics

7. Recombinant DNA and Genomics

7.1. DNA Cloning with Plasmid Vectors

7.2. Constructing DNA Libraries with λ Phage and Other Cloning Vectors

7.3. Identifying, Analyzing, and Sequencing Cloned DNA

7.4. Bioinformatics

7.5. Analyzing Specific Nucleic Acids in Complex Mixtures

7.6. Producing High Levels of Proteins from Cloned cDNAs

7.7. Polymerase Chain Reaction: An Alternative to Cloning

7.8. DNA Microarrays: Analyzing Genome-Wide Expression

PERSPECTIVES for the Future

PERSPECTIVES in the Literature

Testing Yourself on the Concepts

MCAT/GRE-Style Questions



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