Many people made critical contributions to both the first and second editions of The Cell, and it is a pleasure to thank them for their efforts.

The project was initiated by Patrick Fitzgerald at ASM Press. His efforts were carried on for the second edition by Jeff Holtmeier, who provided a continued source of encouragement and support. The help of Karen Jones and Norma Davis in obtaining reviews of the second edition is also greatly appreciated.

Both the first and second editions of The Cell benefited greatly from the many scientists who gave generously of their time to read and critique the text. The reviewers of both editions are listed separately on the following pages, and I am deeply grateful for their efforts and advice. It is a special pleasure to acknowledge the help of Elaine Lai (Brandeis University), who read and critiqued the entire text of the second edition, providing extremely valuable advice from her perspective as both a scientist and a teacher of cell biology.

The production of the second edition of The Cell was again undertaken by Andy Sinauer and his colleagues at Sinauer Associates. I am delighted to thank Andy and Dean Scudder for their continued help and encouragement throughout all stages of the project. It is also a pleasure to acknowledge the superb efforts of Joyce Zymeck, who did a wonderful job editing the text, David McIntyre, who obtained the many new micrographs included in the book, and Christopher Small, who was responsible for production of the completed volume. The artwork is the product of Patrick Lane of the J/B Woolsey studio, who once again succeeded in turning my rough sketches into an outstanding art program. The cover illustration was created especially for the second edition of The Cell by David S. Goodsell of the Scripps Research Institute, and I am most grateful for his contribution.

Finally, it is a pleasure to acknowledge the careful and cheerful work of Sean Valles, who compiled and copied the many research papers I used as references to bring the second edition of The Cell up to date.

Reviewers of the Second Edition

Dr. Randy BennettBrigham Young University

Dr. James T. BradleyAuburn University

Dr. Ulla HansenBoston University

Dr. Richard HoldemanIndiana University, Bloomington

Dr. Elaine LaiBrandeis University

Dr. Umadas MaitraAlbert Einstein College of Medicine

Dr. Harry NicklaCreighton University

Dr. Richard NuccitelliUniversity Of California, Davis

Dr. Clare M. O’ConnorBoston College

Dr. Alan WildemanUniversity of Guelph

Ontario, Canada

Reviewers of the First Edition

Gerald M. AdairM. D. Anderson Cancer Center

University of Texas

Ibrahim AdesUniversity of Maryland, College Park

Ronald BerezneyState University of New York at Buffalo

Niels BolsUniversity of Waterloo

Ontario, Canada

Joan S. BruggeARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Cambridge, MA

Brian BurkeThe University of Calgary

Alberta, Canada

David A. ClaytonStanford University School of Medicine

Roger I. DavisHoward Hughes Medical Institute

University of Massachusetts Medical Center

Michael EdidinJohns Hopkins University

Gary FelsenfeldNational Institutes of Health

Bethesda, MD

Michael FormanPurdue University

Errol C. FriedbergUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

David FromsonCalifornia State University, Fullerton

Larry GeraceScripps Research Institute

La Jolla, CA

Reid GilmoreUniversity of Massachusetts Medical Center

Dennis GoodeUniversity of Maryland

Michael M. GottesmanNational Cancer Institute

National Institutes of Health

Michael E. GreenbergChildren’s Hospital

Harvard Medical School

Barry GumbinerMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Alan HallMRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology

University College London

Joyce L. HamlinUniversity of Virginia, Charlottesville

Ulla HansenDana-Farber Cancer Institute

Harvard Medical School

F. Ulrich HartlHoward Hughes Medical Institute

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Lawrence HightowerUniversity of Connecticut, Storrs

Tony HunterSalk Institute

La Jolla, CA

James. N. IhleSt. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

Memphis, TN

Judith A. JaehningIndiana University, Bloomington

Haig H. Kazazian, Jr.University of Pennsylvania

Kenneth KeegstraMSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory

Michigan State University

Robert A. KochCalifornia State University, Fullerton

Elaine LaiBrandeis University

Jerry B. LingrelUniversity of Cincinnati Medical Center

Elizabeth J. LunaWorcester Foundation for Experimental Biology

Shrewsbury, MA

Carolyn MachamerJohns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Umadas MaitraAlbert Einstein College of Medicine

Russell MalmbergUniversity of Georgia, Athens

James ManleyColumbia University

J. Richard McIntoshUniversity of Colorado, Boulder

Donald MilesUniversity of Missouri, Columbia

David A. MullinTulane University

Eva NeerHarvard Medical School

Carol S. NewlonUMDNJ/New Jersey Medical School

John NewportUniversity of California, San Diego

Danton O’DayUniversity of Toronto, Erindale Campus

Donata OertelUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison

Barbara PearseMRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Cambridge, UK

Hugh PelhamMedical Research Council

Cambridge, UK

Jonathon PinesThe Wellcome Cancer Research Centre

Cambridge, UK

T. A. RapoportMax-Delbrück-Centrum

Berlin, Germany

Marilyn D. ReshMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Joel D. RichterWorcester Foundation for Biomedical Research Shrewsbury, MA

David A. RintoulKansas State University, Manhattan

Thomas M. RobertsFlorida State University, Tallahassee

Alan SachsUniversity of California, Berkeley

Shelley SazerBaylor College of Medicine

Gottfried SchatzUniversity of Basel


Randy SchekmanUniversity of California, Berkeley

Tom ShraderAlbert Einstein College of Medicine

David SchlessingerWashington University, St. Louis

Kai SimonsEuropean Molecular Biology Laboratory

Heidelberg, Germany

Roger SlobodaDartmouth College

Timothy A. SpringerHarvard Medical School

Joseph M. SteffenUniversity of Louisville

Thomas P. StosselBrigham and Women’s Hospital

Harvard Medical School

Suresh SubramaniUniversity of California, San Diego

John TaylorWayne State University

Patricia WadsworthUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst

Jonathan R. WarnerAlbert Einstein College of Medicine

Larry G. WilliamsKansas State University, Manhattan

Fred WiltUniversity of California, Berkeley

Debra J. WolgemuthColumbia University


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