6. Analisis Komputasi DNA




PCR Optimization

PCR Box Titration Calculator

Oligo Calculator


PubMed Find out what is already known.

EBI European site; Lots of tools for analysis of protein and DNA

Restriction map option 1, option 2

ExPASy – Translate tool Translate DNA

NCBI, National Center for Biotechnology Information Access to GenBank, The human genome and much more.

Primer3 PCR primer design. May be more than you need.

SDSC Biology Workbench Big and extremely useful site with free registration. Allows you to save data on their supercomputer and use many tools that work together.

NCBI BLAST Home Page For sequence homology searches

Free RasMol download The RasMol program is the easiest way to display proteins in 3-D

Clustalw Align multiple proteins and make trees (also see Biology Workbench)

Clustal W on-line help

Protein Data Bank Database of protein 3-D structures.


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